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Nicest vs. Cheapest Hawaiian island (for vacation)?

I'm looking into prices for a trip to Hawaii, and I'm not sure if any of the islands are considered better than the others when it comes to tourism or prices. My parents too us to Maui when I was about 7, and I remember it being gorgeous, but I'm sure the other islands are equally, if not close to as gorgeous.

Are all of the Hawaiian islands as nice as Maui? Are any of them cheaper to fly to and rent a hotel room at? (If so, what's the catch…why is it cheaper?)

Also, what would be the cheapest time of year to go (where you'd still have nice weather)? I'm sure March would be cheaper than July; but would it be as nice, or would it be cold stormy weather the whole time?

Posted by mtgcnv67

From my experience, your best deals are packages including airfare, hotel, and car rental on expedia. I've found similar rates on other sites but never anything cheaper. If you go that route you can find an affordable deal for any island. For all islands except Oahu, a rental car is a must, and it's good for Oahu too if you can get one. Oahu is the cheapest island. Kauai and Maui are the most beautiful (although Oahu's got some real nice parts too). Kauai is the most beautiful island in most people's opinion, and I'd agree. Don't miss the Na Pali coast by Zodiac boat tour. Worth every penny if you go in the summer.

What website is the best to find all inclusive Hawaiian vacation packages?

My best friend and I go on a vacation every year and we want to go to Oahu this year. I googled it but I never know if all the websites that pop up are legitimate or not. Does anyone know of a few good websites I can look at for vacation packages to hawaii? I've tried orbitz, travelocity, expedia, groupon, and livingsocial.


Posted by youknowwho

Hey, welcome to Hawaii, ok? So, depend on what you wanna include in "all inclusive", ok? If you mean Airfare, Hotel, an Car, then no problem, talk to yu frienly neighborhood travel agent, or book online, or just start call the hotel and airline and car rental, ok? But if you mean alla food/drink/liquor/activity-/transportation, then that not gonna happen, cause no place like that hea Hawaii, specially on Oahu, ok? Now one place ova Maui that SAY they "all inclussive"(Transsvasaa or someting weird like that) ova Hana, which really great vacay spot by the way, but for real they just include some meal an soft drink, few activity-spa and that all, an they charge bout 800 buck a nite, ok? So, mobetta for Waikiki jus find great affordable hotel, getta reservation onna airplane, maybe car if you wanna, but for sure you can hava grate time Waikiki without car, an for sure you not have to pay 30 buck a DAY to park, you can renta car for the day, usually rite at you hotel or down the street, use "Da Bus" or take shuttle for outa Waikiki adventure, and otherwise, renta moped, or just hoof it, ok? Hope this help, peace an aloha to you!

What is the best place online or offline to find Hawaiian vacation packages?

My fiance and I are celebrating our two year anniversary in May. We are flexible on the weekend – looking for 3 or 4 nights – for under $1000 per person (hotel + flight only). There are so many websites – anyone know a good one? Good hotel? Etc? Thanks xo!
Under 1000 bucks for two people (flight + hotel).

Posted by one_of_a_kind

Plan it yourself. Hawaiian Airlines has some great deals if you buy them far enough in advance. The just fo to any travel sight to find a cheap hotel. Don't worry too much about the hotel since you will be outside most of the time, justlyry to stay near downtown so you can walk to lots of stuff.

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Questions and Answers

CA Exempt Employee – Vacation Deductions?

I am an exempt salaried employee in the state of California. My company has changed their policy to deduct vacation time from any day worked less than 8 hours. For instance, if one day I worked only 7 hours, 1 hour of vacation time would be deducted from my accrued amount. This is a problem for me as some days I will work 8-10 hours per day and 7 the next day.

Is this legal? I always work above 80 hours per two weeks, so I am not cheating my company, but any day less than 8 hours I am docked, even if it is made back up in the same pay period.

I would like some links to law regarding the legality of vacation deductions in instances like this.
But what about the stipulation that if you do ANY work during a week you are to be paid for that week as a salaried employee? How is it legal to "convert" those hours for any unpaid work into vacation time?

Posted by Alli B

Vacation is a BENEFIT. They can do WHATEVER they want with it. It is perfectly legal for them to completely STOP vacation pay all together. The ONLY thing that the law is concerned about with vacation is that when you leave your employer, you MUST be paid out any unused vacation accrued. That is it!

How does vacation pay work in alberta?

I have been working at a restaurant as a server for a year and 3 months now. If I was to claim my vacation pay for the first time, does the vacation pay start from when I was first employed? Or do vacation pay expire and I have to start over again?

If you have a source please let me know as well!

Posted by Tommy

Vacation pay regulations in Canada are not as straight forward as many Canadians might think. Each province has different rules and regulations with regard to the amount of vacation pay and time each person can take.
Website: Http://…

We dug through the government jargon and have prepared a guide to help provide Canadians with what they really want to know about vacation pay.

This guide is based on employers who are governed by provincial employment laws and not federal, this accounts for roughly 95 per cent of all employers in Canada.

Starting off with the basics, every province in Canada entitles an employee to vacation time after working for 12 consecutive months of employment. The amount of time off an employer must grant their employees is two weeks in every province apart from Saskatchewan (which offers 3 weeks) and Quebec (which offers one day per month).

The amount of vacation an employee is entitled to is governed by the firm's own policy, with a minimum amount prescribed under the employment standards legislation in each province," said Howard Levitt, Counsel to the national law firm Lang Michener. "In Ontario, it is 2 weeks per year, no matter how long the person is employed, unless the company, in its generosity, decides to have a policy to provide more."

In terms of vacation pay, many provinces calculate vacation pay from the first day an employee is working to the day they leave the company. Employers calculate four per cent (except in Saskatchewan where it is six percent) of each pay cheque towards vacation pay, unless they wish to give the employees more.

Some provinces increase the minimum amount of vacation pay an employer is required to give after a certain period. The table below shows the differences between provinces.

Alberta- Vacation time starts from first day/After 5th year-3 weeks

Where a lot of confusion occurs, is if an employer has the power to instruct their employees when they can take vacation. Simply, employers have the final say as to when an employee can go on their vacation.

"An employer has the right to manage its business as it deems best, and that includes setting the hours of operation and assigning vacation time for employees," said Robert S. Greenfield, employment lawyer for Heydary Hamilton.

Of course an employee can ask for certain times in the year, and more often than not, an employer will accommodate the employee, but in the end they do not have to. The final decision lies with the employer.

"Unless an employee has a contract stating otherwise or there is a workplace policy covering vacation time, the employer has the ultimate call about when an employee may take their vacation," said Greenfield. "However, once an employer tells an employee he or she can take time off, the employer could face consequences for revoking the decision later on without very good reason."

In workplaces where the employees are part of a union the way an employer goes about granting vacation time may change.

"In unionized workplaces there is usually a system in place based on seniority and employers in such workplaces may have an obligation to not act unreasonably in deciding whether to grant vacation requests," said Greenfield.

Leaving on vacation?

Does Yahoo provide a reply e-mail to those e-mailing me that I am on vacation wih the return date?

Posted by Jeff M

You need to create a vacation response.

How do I create a vacation response?
You can have an automatic response sent to anyone who sends an email to your Yahoo! Mail account by setting up a Vacation Response. This feature is accessible from the "Mail Options" menu (the link for "Mail Options" is located on the top right-hand navigation bar).

To setup a Vacation Response:

1. Set the duration of the message. Enter the starting date of your vacation in the "Start Date" field and the end date of your vacation in the "End Date" field. For example:

From: 07/01/02
To: 08/30/02

2. Write a generic note of up to ten lines that will be sent out to anyone that writes to your Yahoo! Mail address while you are away.

Optional: You can also write a special note that will only be sent to specific domains. For example, if you have family members that have email addresses with IBM, you can send a more personal Vacation Response to any incoming messages from "" Set up that special message, and then go to the bottom of the page and specify the domain(s) that you want the special response to go to.

3. When you are completely done, click on the "Turn Auto-Response On" button and your Vacation Response will be activated.

4. When you return, if you would like to stop the Vacation Response message from being sent, simply go back to the Vacation Response page and click the "Turn It Off" button to deactivate the response.

Please note: When a user writes to an account with an active Vacation Response, they will receive only one response, no matter how many times they write to that account.

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Vacation – Trailer

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Questions and Answers

Where is the best place to get cheap travel deals?

Posted by Jean

Deal with Vacation Getaways to experience finest but cheap travel deals

It is a universal fact that today internet has emerged has a boon to mankind. It has made the life of the people fast as well as convenient. Now, for communicating with people, business transactions and for booking airline ticket we are not required to wait for a long period of time.

Same is applicable if you are planning to spend some vacations at a hot spot or a popular tourist destination. There are different sites available on the internet with the help of which you can make a profitable travel deal in an instant fashion. If you are willing to go for cheap travel deals then all depends on the site chosen by you.

Despite of the fact that the internet is an ocean of precise information you can find numerous sites which are meant for making profit only and nothing else. A bad choice can surely ruin your vacation leaving an unpleasant experience for you for a long period of time.

It is absolutely right that a smart customer always seek for different alternatives before reaching on to a definite conclusion. If you fall in the same category and willing to make a smart deal then there are various superlative options available for you. One such option is Vacation Getaways.

It is one of the top vacation sites currently available on internet and serving its customers with full dedication since a long period of time. If you are looking for cheap travel deals then you will find this site an unmatched option from rest of the sites available on the internet.

There are some other strong points as well on the basis of which you can give precedence to this site. Some of them are highlighted below:

a)Highly Experienced: Vacation Getaways is a site which is successful in this field since a long period of time. It has the capability to understand its customer’s needs and requirements in an instant fashion. It will not only offers you cheap travel deals but also suggests you some of the better world-class options where you can spent some memorable vacations.

B)Consistent: it is a site which is consistent in service providing. There is no space for the words like displeasure and dissatisfaction if you are dealing with this site. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for various tourist attractions, car rental, flight deals or hotel deals, you will find something special with all the categories in this site.

C) Full satisfaction: the ultimate objective of Vacation Getaways is to provide full service and satisfaction to its customer. Although, like all the other sites available on the internet its objective is also to generate good revenue but only after offering full satisfaction to its customers.

D)An ideal deal: there are numerous benefits of dealing with this site. If you are visiting this site with an intention of making smart as well as cheap travel deals then it is fully assured that you will leave the site with a great smile on your face. All the terms and conditions of the deal will be cleared to you in advance. There is no question of any kind of fake claims or hidden charges. In short, you will avail a definite as well as an ideal deal.

Manchester Travel lodge deals?

A good while ago when I was at a Travel lodge in Blackpool they recenptionist there said that if you book enough in advance you can get rooms for what I think was £7 a night. I'm having a little trouble with the website so I was wondering if anyone could just tell me if this deal is still on or if there are any others similar? Or if there is a number that can be phoned that isn't just a robot.

Posted by asmith055

The cheapest deal they have is £15 a night, which works out at £7.50 per person if there are two people sharing a room, and £5 a person for people sharing a family room (3 adults allowed in a family room, or 2 adults and 2 children). There is limited availablity on these rooms, so you either have to book ages in advance (a minimum of 3 weeks) or wait for special offers to come up. I did a bit of travelling over the Christmas period using this offer, but I booked in early November to enable this.

You have to book the rooms in advance, and you can't get your money back if you have to cancel or postpone your trip.

Just visit the link below and look for that they call Supersaver rooms.

How can I find good travel deals?

Posted by me

Check out online travel websites that advertises last minute deals. One thing you want to look for are online airline reservations sites where the quoted airfare includes all taxes and fees, so you know upfront what you'll be paying and no surprises once you get to checkout; and always compare the price you find with the price quoted on the airline's own website to see if you are really getting a better deal. One such site I've found is

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Summer vacation deals – Wake Up Now 2014 – Become a $6 …

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Questions and Answers

What is travel baseball?

What is travel baseball? And how far do you travel? Like to different states?

Posted by roxy

Travel baseball is a form of youth baseball that's considered to be more competitive than rec baseball. Travel baseball mean that the team travels around their area to play other travel teams, as opposed to rec ball, where kids just play other teams in their own league and it is all at the same park so you don't have to travel. Travel teams usually play some in other states and mostly play in tournaments. Where they play really depends on where the competition is, like, a team in Minnesota will probably have to travel a lot out of state, while a Texas team won't because it has good competition nearby.

How does light enery travel?

Examples of how light enery travels.

Posted by Herman

How Does Light Travel?

Light Moves in Waves:
Light is a form of energy made of electromagnetic waves. Some of the waves you can see and some you cannot. The entire range of light is called the electromagnetic spectrum. The light you see is referred to as "visible light."
Light waves transport energy from its source to its surroundings. Usually, light travels very quickly. If unhindered, light waves can travel 300,000 km per second. Light traveling from the sun takes about 8.5 minutes to reach the earth. Light waves can be large or small. How big those waves are determines what type and color of light it is. Some waves are so small they actually appear as straight lines. However, light only moves in straight lines when it is not passing through a medium.

Light Waves Can Pass Through a Medium:
Light waves can pass through air, water, glass, or other mediums. Passage through a medium can affect the speed and direction of the light waves. When it passes through a medium, such as water, it slows down. That is why a pencil will appear bent when placed in a glass of water. Only in spaces where there is no interference of its movement can light waves travel at maximum speed. When the waves are passing from the sun to the earth, the light is traveling as fast as it can go. This is faster than sound. When light waves pass through a dark, thick substance, such as a heavy cloth, the movement is slower. Some light waves may be absorbed by the medium. This is why not much light is reflected from the cloth when the waves bounce onto it.

Light Waves Can Reflect or Refract:
Reflection occurs when light waves bounce off of something, such as a mirror. Light bounces off of the mirror and changes its direction. When you are looking at objects around you, light bounces off of the objects and back to your eyes. That is how you see the object. Light can also bounce off of particles in the air. Light bouncing off water particles in the air explains how beams of sunlight can be seen on a foggy day or how a rainbow appears on a rainy day. Light waves can also pass from one medium into another. When this happens, some of the light waves actually bend. Such is the case when the pencil is placed in the glass of water. This is called refraction. Refraction causes an object to look distorted.


How to become a travel agent?

How do you become a travel agent enough to buy tickets.

Posted by bones

Travel agent it self is a very vague word, however if you would like to join a travel company, go to a travel school, get internship in good agency and join a good agency. However, if you should also surf the travel related websites to gain more knowledge about the products that can be offered and have been offered to the valued clients. Should you be thinking of promoting Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan – I invite you to visit our official website

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International Travel Tips – Easy Travel Tips

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