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Nicest vs. Cheapest Hawaiian island (for vacation)?

I'm looking into prices for a trip to Hawaii, and I'm not sure if any of the islands are considered better than the others when it comes to tourism or prices. My parents too us to Maui when I was about 7, and I remember it being gorgeous, but I'm sure the other islands are equally, if not close to as gorgeous.

Are all of the Hawaiian islands as nice as Maui? Are any of them cheaper to fly to and rent a hotel room at? (If so, what's the catch…why is it cheaper?)

Also, what would be the cheapest time of year to go (where you'd still have nice weather)? I'm sure March would be cheaper than July; but would it be as nice, or would it be cold stormy weather the whole time?

Posted by mtgcnv67
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From my experience, your best deals are packages including airfare, hotel, and car rental on expedia. I've found similar rates on other sites but never anything cheaper. If you go that route you can find an affordable deal for any island. For all islands except Oahu, a rental car is a must, and it's good for Oahu too if you can get one. Oahu is the cheapest island. Kauai and Maui are the most beautiful (although Oahu's got some real nice parts too). Kauai is the most beautiful island in most people's opinion, and I'd agree. Don't miss the Na Pali coast by Zodiac boat tour. Worth every penny if you go in the summer.

What website is the best to find all inclusive Hawaiian vacation packages?

My best friend and I go on a vacation every year and we want to go to Oahu this year. I googled it but I never know if all the websites that pop up are legitimate or not. Does anyone know of a few good websites I can look at for vacation packages to hawaii? I've tried orbitz, travelocity, expedia, groupon, and livingsocial.


Posted by youknowwho
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Hey, welcome to Hawaii, ok? So, depend on what you wanna include in "all inclusive", ok? If you mean Airfare, Hotel, an Car, then no problem, talk to yu frienly neighborhood travel agent, or book online, or just start call the hotel and airline and car rental, ok? But if you mean alla food/drink/liquor/activity-/transportation, then that not gonna happen, cause no place like that hea Hawaii, specially on Oahu, ok? Now one place ova Maui that SAY they "all inclussive"(Transsvasaa or someting weird like that) ova Hana, which really great vacay spot by the way, but for real they just include some meal an soft drink, few activity-spa and that all, an they charge bout 800 buck a nite, ok? So, mobetta for Waikiki jus find great affordable hotel, getta reservation onna airplane, maybe car if you wanna, but for sure you can hava grate time Waikiki without car, an for sure you not have to pay 30 buck a DAY to park, you can renta car for the day, usually rite at you hotel or down the street, use "Da Bus" or take shuttle for outa Waikiki adventure, and otherwise, renta moped, or just hoof it, ok? Hope this help, peace an aloha to you!

What is the best place online or offline to find Hawaiian vacation packages?

My fiance and I are celebrating our two year anniversary in May. We are flexible on the weekend – looking for 3 or 4 nights – for under $1000 per person (hotel + flight only). There are so many websites – anyone know a good one? Good hotel? Etc? Thanks xo!
Under 1000 bucks for two people (flight + hotel).

Posted by one_of_a_kind
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Plan it yourself. Hawaiian Airlines has some great deals if you buy them far enough in advance. The just fo to any travel sight to find a cheap hotel. Don't worry too much about the hotel since you will be outside most of the time, justlyry to stay near downtown so you can walk to lots of stuff.

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