Spend a Holiday Weekend in Las Vegas for Under $350

I am one of the thousands of people who wanted to visit Las Vegas even just for a weekend.  Thanks to Travelers Deal Finder  that helped me a lot to fulfill my dreams to  travel the wonderful places all over the world that could cost  for as low as $350 dollars. The site gives wonderful opportunities to travel lovers like me to find cheap hotels and air transportation ticket prices in the country you really wanted to visit. Furthermore, it has various hotel listings for you to choose depending upon your budget. I am so thankful to my sister in law who informed me about Travelers Deal Finder’s  wonderful opportunities it offered to travellers like me. Now it is my turn to share my wonderful experience to you in Las Vegas. Believe me, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. You just need an expert traveller’s advice on how to spend money wisely in this kind of activity.

Tourist Attractions in Vegas

I decided to visit Las Vegas, USA because of its wonderful tourist attractions. This city is often associated with gambling casinos with so many bright lights and amazing displays in the streets. But when I visit the city, there are also other tourist spots that are not associated with gambling. I visited the Gallery of Fine Arts at Bellagio and the Eiffel Tower Replica. I am not an artist but I find these interesting and historical as well.  Indeed, the Bellagio Fountains changed my mood when I stroll that place. In some of the hotels in the city that can be found in Travelers Deal Finder’s hotel search lists, there are various presentations that are pleasing to the eyes like Volcanic Eruption Show, Battleship Show and Space Flights Flying Exhibitions with special effects.

The next destination I visited was The Strip. My friends who were working in Las Vegas used to mention how joyful this place was. Indeed, I enjoyed the shows, displays and other fun-filled activities. It is the center of the city where most of the activities are found. You don’t need to bring a lot of money. What you need is enough time and energy to stroll this city and enjoyment will just come in. I also watched Celine Dion’s shows there. I really love her songs because she had the most beautiful voice. Listening to her voice in Las Vegas brought back my memories.

The most unforgettable experience I had was in Fremont Street. During night time, this street in Las Vegas gets covered by LED lights with wonderful music and awesome performance. The streetlights are truly magical. And what made me more impressed in this place is that it is for free! I also visited several historical hotels like the Caesar’s Palace. It is one of the oldest hotels in Las Vegas yet is updated with new architectural designs. Aside from its historical value, this place is truly a place of entertainment. It offers live music as you witnessed the exotic car displays inside the hotel.

If you want to visit Las Vegas along with your children, Luxor Hotel is the best place for you. The Luxor Attractions is an amusement park for children and young people as well. It also offers IMAX theatre and huge arcade that would surely bring the child in you. If your children love skydiving, Las Vegas offers indoor skydiving too. This is the easiest way to entertain your children without your personal assistance. You can just leave them there as you do your personal shopping or gambling. You need not worry about their safety because there are qualified diving instructors to assist your children.

For as low as $350, I enjoyed my Vegas Vacation!

My Las Vegas experience is truly remarkable. It has been the perfect place not just for gambling for those who have lots of money but also for people like me. It is also a place for children and young professionals because of its current innovations and new tourist attractions. In short, Las Vegas is for everybody! This is how I spend a holiday weekend in Las Vegas for under $350. Thanks to Travelers Deal FinderSpend a Holiday Weekend in Las Vegas for Under $350!



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