Spend a Holiday Weekend in Sydney Australia for Under $500

My Wonderful Experiences in Sydney Australia for under $500

I spent my Christmas Weekend Vacation in Sydney Australia for under $500 two years ago and I found the city truly amazing! I could still recall how I am so worried about my hotel and ticket prices since I don’t have any friend’s there until my relative told me to visit Travelers Deal Finder and I did. I found cheap hotels and air transportation ticket prices so affordable. This paved my way to visit Sydney Australia for the very first time.

Before I visited Australia, all I know about the place were about Kangaroos and the Koalas. What materialized my dream to visit Sydney Australia for under $500 was when I was able to purchase cheap hotel and ticket prices in Travelers Deal FinderSpend a Holiday Weekend in Sydney, Australia for Under $500 I never thought that the cities in this continent are also highly progressive and competitive. You can also found public parks anywhere within your reach. There are also restaurants that offer affordable yet very tasty foods and desserts! Among the wonderful places I had visited, here are the tourists attractions in Sydney that I don’t ever want to forget.

My first stop was the Sydney Opera House. This place was very artistic yet I was able to spend my money in Sydney Australia for under $500! The architectural designs of the buildings are truly magnificent and one of a kind. I also learned that it is one of venues of the most popular performing arts all over the world. During the Sydney Olympics 2000, it was included in the Olympic torch route to the Olympic stadium. Indeed, the buildings really portray how Australia has become. No wonder why Australia use advertised Sydney Opera House during the Sydney Olympics. I also experienced bridge climbing for the very first time in Sydney Australia for under $500. Climbing is not my sport but believe me, I enjoyed this activity. It was open to the public for more than a decade and the tourists like me were allowed to climb only the southern portion of the bridge except for bad weather and storms. When I engaged in the said activity, it was evening. The climbers were given the appropriate clothing depending upon the weather and proper orientation before climbing. Starting from the eastern side of the bridge, the route ends at the top for almost three and a half hour. It is tiring but it is a fun filled experience for me.

I also visited the famous Watsons Bay. I love the very find white sands and the waters too. This place is perfect for loved ones especially on Valentine’s Day because of its romantic view. It shows good view of the city and the Harbour Bridge. On the eastern portion, you can also have a glimpse of the Pacific Ocean. Even though Watsons Bay is located on a residential area, there are plenty of recreational areas and restaurants all over the place. You can also find the legal nude beach as well as the Watsons Bay Hotel here.

Sydney is also a PLace of Adventure!

If you are an adventurous person, you should go Sydney Tower. It is one of the tallest structures in Australia. The Skywalk in Sydney Tower is a glass-floored platform with the height of 260 m above the ground level. I before am really afraid of heights but I was able to overcome my fear when I do sky walking here. Visiting Sydney Tower is a big achievement for me. What makes this place more interesting is that it is for free! It is a member of the World Federation of Great Towers. But local residents don’t call it as Sydney Tower, it is known as the Centrepoint Tower.

As I said a while ago, there are plenty of beautiful parks in Sydney Austalia for under $500. The most beautiful is the Hyde Park because of its wonderful gardens and numerous kinds of trees, palms and other classes of plants. It is known for its magical fig tree lined avenues, a perfect refuge in the busy heart of Sydney.  The southern part of the park was the Anzac War Memorial. If you love botanical gardens, don’t miss to visit The Royal Botanic Garden because it is one of the biggest public gardens in the city.

Lets Visit Sydney Australia for Under $500 Now!

Travelers Deal Finder offers various hotel accommodations depending upon your budget. In my case, I enjoyed my holiday weekend in Sydney  Australia for Under $500. Many people believed that only the rich ones can visit wonderful places all over the world but I have proven it wrong. You just need to visit websites that offers affordable hotel prices and ticket prices without sacrificing the comfort you will definitely experience.

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