Getting your wildlife and nature vacation right

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Getting your wildlife and nature vacation right

The right time
Some wildlife eyeglasses are rather time-specific such as the migration, turtle hatching, bird breeding seasons and so on. Also, there are times when it is just much easier to spot certain wildlife due to regional conditions, for example seeing jaguars in Brazil or tigers in India. Botanists wishing to see sights such as the spring flowers of South Africa’s indigenous fynbos will also have to be quite sure of when to take a trip.

The right location
We can get you closer to the important things you wish to see by truly understanding where to transfer you. For instance, we know where you stand your best opportunity of discovering wild canines, carmine bee-eaters, shoebill storks, leopards and so on.

The best guides
We do might get all the above right for you. However, if we do not use the finest business for guides, you still might not see what you wish to see. We pick our partners carefully and trust them to do their absolute best for our customers.

The finest locations to stay
The ‘finest’ place to remain is not always the most glamorous. It’s about exactly what is right for you and the experience you’re trying to find. For instance, in the Masai Mara you might prefer to be in the national forest, however, additionally you may find that remaining in a camp in one of the adjacent private reserves is a much better choice. Why? Since there are lesser individuals, and you have more private wildlife experience, you can still enter the national forest too.