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Wildlife and Nature Vacations

Traveling to see the wildlife, or to experience a particular environment such as the rainforest is a pleasure for a number of us. The sight of a gorilla a few feet far from you in the jungle, or a short-lived peak of the rare giant otter in a lake in the Amazon, is a thrill which stays with you for a long period. Nature truly can be a tonic to the soul.

The Wildlife Holiday Experience

All of us like our wildlife and nature holidays here at Tribes. We return from journeys with pictures and stories galore of the terrific wildlife and environments we’ve seen. This personal interest and enthusiasm for our natural world, paired with our professional travel understanding, means that we can help you get to the locations you have to be to experience the wild areas and their inhabitants.

But it’s not practically exactly what you see; it’s also about the real experience you have.

Seeing a leopard up a tree with a kill is exceptional unless you are at that tree with twenty other automobiles all contending for an area. How much better to be in a remote park and being the only lorry to have a chance sighting of that leopard or a minimum of being somewhere where there is a limitation on the variety of lorries enabled near a wildlife sighting.